At Mariott Welding Inc. we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers by adhering to the following principles:

∇ SAFETY: Mariott Welding Inc. is committed to the safety and welfare of our employees, customers and co-contractors. Employees are our greatest asset so Mariott Welding Inc. has a dedicated EH&S department to provide our employees with ongoing safety training, which empowers them to succeed in performing their jobs efficiently and in a safe manor. We provide our employees with training which includes weekly, monthly and annual OSH Training to ensure our values are upheld. We reinforce our commitment to safety by rewarding those employees who follow safe practices and set progressive disciplinary measures to ensure compliance.

∇ QUALITY: Mariott Welding Inc. is committed to providing a quality service and creating a quality product for our customers. We make certain that our employees are experienced and capable of performing the job tasks they are assigned. Our goal is to provide excellent quality through inspections, employee training, continuous improvement, customer interaction and lessons learned.

∇ COST & EFFICIENCY: Finally, Mariott Welding Inc. is committed to reaching the production targets of our customers in the most efficient manner possible. Money saving ideas to help the customer that do not compromise safety is our goal.

We know we are unique in our approach to business, as we walk the talk. We believe our commitment not only benefits our customers, but also Mariott Welding Inc.

Mission Statement

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